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Murphy Carpet Cleaning

If you have understood that professional help is important to clean your rug properly, then Murphy Carpet Cleaning is available to help you. We are the top rug cleaning company in Plenty. Our Rug Cleaning Plenty staff is highly educated and experienced. On the daily basis, we face different kinds of rug issues. We are experts in cleaning all types of rugs. Also, we can remove the toughest stain from the rug.

Even if you need emergency assistance we never say no to our clients. You can simply ping us and we will be there to help you. With a minimal amount of rug cleaning cost, we provide superior quality service. So call us at 03 6364 2913 to book us.

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    Avail Same Day Rug Cleaning Company In Plenty

    We can easily provide you with a same-day rug cleaning service. There is no hassle in appointing us. We have a customer-friendly nature. Thus we never leave our customers in worry. Without asking for any extra amount of money, we provide our customers with same-day Rug Cleaning Plenty service. Simply book your appointment and we will reach you within an hour. We are Plenty’s locals, we know all the routes of the town. Thus we will never be late to help you. So, unhesitatingly call us and book your appointment.

    Our Rug Cleaning Approach To Clean Your Rug

    There is a variety of approaches to cleaning your rug. You can have a look at the services we provide you:


    Steam Cleaning

    It is the most effective method for deep rug cleaning. Hot water extraction is another name for this technique. Steam of hot water helps to eliminate the dust and germs from the rug and even kills the bacteria from the rug. You can go for steam cleaning if you want a proper cleaning of your rug.


    Dry Cleaning

    Dry cleaning is a quick rug cleaning method. No water is used in this process. Only with the use of a dry chemical, the rug is cleaned within a few hours.


    Odour Removal

    Odour removal is yet another important step in rug cleaning as rugs can smell really bad. One always needs to go for an odour removal service. We deodorise your rug, leaving the rug smelling fresh.


    Mould Removal

    In some cases, there can even be mould growth in the rugs. Thus we even provide you with mould removal service. Moulds can lead to some allergic reactions. So we properly remove the mould, clean your rug and sanitise it.


    Rug Sanitization

    Sanitisation helps in the killing of harmful bacteria and viruses from your rug. This prevents harmful diseases.


    Rug Shampooing

    Rug shampooing becomes an essential step in a dirty rug. Shampooing loosens the bond between dirt particles and rug fabric thereby giving a new and clean look to your rug.

    What Types of Stain We Remove From Rugs

    Stains can be persistent if you do not treat them on time. Moreover if not cleaned properly, it can result in more stubborn marks. Therefore our rug cleaning Plenty team comes up with powerful rug stain removers. We can easily remove all the stains from your rug by using our modern techniques. Some stains like blood stains, food oil spills, chocolate marks, water spills, grease stains or ink stains can be harsh to rug fabrics. We are experts enough to clean all types of stains. So simply ring us to clean your rug to look spotless.

    Our Rug Cleaning Process In Plenty

    We can always get the greatest outcomes by following the right procedure. That is why our Rug Cleaning Plenty staff cleans rugs using the following procedure:

    • Inspection: The first thing our experts will do is examine the rug’s quality. We choose the best rug cleaning technique based on all the information the examination processes provide.
    • Vacuuming: Following this step, we use vacuum cleaners to eliminate any loose dust that was simple to remove before. This step significantly improves the performance of the subsequent processes.
    • Washing: The rug is then cleaned in a rotating, water-filled washing tank. This process thoroughly cleans your rugs and removes all of the dust and dirt from them.
    • Rinsing: We wash the rug using fresh water following cleaning it to get rid of any chemical or dirt residue. The rug is then completely dried and secured. By doing this, you may prevent the rug from inadvertently collecting dust, odours, and dirt in the future.
    • Final Examination A final inspection is performed at this stage to ensure that the rug is free of any debris that has to be cleaned or taken out.
    Rug Cleaning Plenty

    Advantages Of Hiring Our Rug Cleaning Plenty Team

    We have been dealing with rug stains for years and now are experts in cleaning all types of rugs. You can have a look at the reasons to choose us.

    • Experts: All our rug cleaners have years of experience in cleaning rugs. Moreover, we have undergone many pieces of training.
    • Unique strategy: We first examine the condition of your rug. Following that, we decide on the rug cleaning protocol.
    • Affordable: Our pricings are extremely minimal. Thus hiring us will not affect your budget.
    • Availability: We are accessible 365 days a year to help you. So you can call us any time.
    • High techniques: We use current rug cleaning techniques to clean your rugs.


    Yes, we provide emergency service to all the parts of Plenty. Also, we do not charge extra money for that.

    Yes, our rug cleaning service is phenomenal. You can choose us undoubtedly.

    We can remove pet pee stains, chemical marks, wine smudges, wax and ink spots, and paint stains using our powerful cleansers and cutting-edge machinery.

    Yes, our rug cleaning company is authorised and licensed. Thus there is no issue in appointing us.

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